Joe started working with code at the age of 15 and never looked back. His programming and development experience now spans gaming, entertainment and publishing. As a passionate advocator of technology for growth, his work has driven the success of many small businesses.

Who are you employed by:

I am the Lead Fullstack Developer for Silicon Milkroundabout and The Round. I have been brought in to update their legacy techstack to allow them to move at a faster and spin up new events. By the way Silicon Milkroundabout is a great place to find a job with one of the bigger companies and startups alike (The Round if you are USA based).

What are your qualifications?

None! Yes, none so you can stop spitting your coffee everywhere now and start taking me seriously or not… But on a very serious note all the work I do is completed to a very high standard and if I don’t feel like I am up to the job I will simply decline the work which I think is a very honest way of doing business.

If you have no qualifications what experience do you have?

From the age of 15 I have always been excited about computers and technology in general this lead on to me building very basic websites for small local businesses and even hosting a few myself. I then got a job as database administrator and slowly started to explore back and frontend code. The learning curve was very steep as this was a point at where Javascript was going though a transition of Jquery everywhere to SPA like frameworks popping up such as Backbone.js. I stuck to my guns and kept at it for around two years or so and have been learning ever since.

You never stop learning as programmer.

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