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Mon, 08 Jun 2020

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Procrastinating for a while…

After a long struggle I finally got round to making the big push or should I say effort and releasing my new website. This is my first proper portfolio/blogging site I have made for myself and I really do hope it doesn’t turn into a decadent place where the last published article was from 3+ years ago which is not uncommon in this space. Hopefully this will be a reminder for me not to be that person. All jokes aside welcome to Joe and The Javascript!

Why Gatsby?

I liked the idea of Gatsby from the beginning it comes with a lot of features out of the box such as static site generation which is must for a website that is content heavy when things like rich SEO snippets are needed for good SEO results. Also lets not forgot Gatsby is super quick as well, when you generate your site statically you don’t have to send react or a routing library etc over the wire you are just linking to pages you would do normally when building one of those sites which we all probably made when first learning HTML/CSS. Another feature that pulled me into the the Gatsby ecosystem was the plugin system which allows you to pretty much add any technology to your app be it TypeScript or GraphQL. If you follow [this]( link you will see the endless possibilites of what Gatsby can offer.

Technologies used

What to expect in the near future

  • Light/dark mode switch (i have a feeling default dark might be on the horizain soon).
  • More articles (of course 😅).
  • Add RSS feed this plugin looks good.
  • Integration with Strapi I already have an instance of this running and the correct webhooks for build execution but the code for pulling in the content just needs to be written
  • Move to Gatsby v2 (yes yes I know but I did say I had been working on this a while)
Joe Hill

Joe Hill Hi I am the author of most of the posts on this site and the maintainer of Joe and The JavaScript. If you you have a project in mind please reach out, I would like to know more.

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